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Are you passionate about cycling or being active outdoors? Then join our team. Together we equip ambitious amateur athletes with gear for cycling, running, swimming, triathlons, fitness and outdoor activities. No matter which department you start in, you will play an important role: ordering new goods, storing and shipping them; presenting and marketing all items attractively in our online shop; or giving it your all to look after our customers, employees and the needs of our company. Interested? Check out our vacancies!
Get the job in 7 steps.
 Application submitted
Have you applied for a job at BIKE24? Thank you so much!
 Application recorded
We will record your application and you will receive an initial confirmation of receipt by e-mail. After that, we ask for your patience while we check your application thoroughly.
 Application is processed
We process all documents as quickly as possible. Depending on how many applicants have applied for a position, it may take us a little while to sift through all the applications. However, you can usually expect a response within 14 days.
 Invitation to an interview
If we are impressed by your application documents, we will invite you to an interview. You will then receive an appointment confirmation by e-mail, which will include all the essential information and details of the interviewing panel.
 Interview procedure
The interview takes place with a specialist decision-maker and the HR department. Any outstanding issues can be clarified here and you can find out more about what interests you about BIKE24. Be yourself during the conversation. You will impress us not just with your skills, but with your personality too.
 Taster day
To give you an authentic insight into your potential activities and to let us assess your way of working, a taster day will take place in the specialist department on another date. You will have the opportunity to try out working with us for up to 4 hours in real life, depending on the area, and to experience our team in action.
 Contract meeting
If the taster session is positive for both sides, we will meet again for a contract meeting. We can discuss important details and set out the framework for our future working relationship. The entire application process usually takes about 4-6 weeks.


This is how to apply.
  1. Your letter of application gives us a first impression of you. It should state why you want to work at BIKE24 and your  motives for applying for the position in question.
  2. Details of your salary expectations and your earliest possible start date are a plus. This makes it easier for us to organise and gives us the opportunity to include your requests and aspirations in our planning.
  3. Your CV should list your qualifications and any professional experience you have already gained in chronological order.
  4. Please include relevant final grade certificates and employer references with your application. These should be in the same order as presented in your CV.